Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Frightening Facades"

4th grade had a spooktacular time creating the front view (facade) of a house. After viewing different architectural elements they choose the style of roof, form of house, window and door shapes, and setting for their house. We looked at sample houses and discovered that they were drawn using just basic shapes like squares, triangles, and rectangles. Looking for basic shapes in sample house allowed them to see how combining basic shapes allows you to create a more complex shape such as a house. We drew our houses on black paper and then outlined our lines with glue! Day 2 we learned some cool chalk techniques such as blending and layering to create a spooky feel to our art. The results were frightenly fantastic not to mention frameable!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mrs.Stricklin! I absoulutly LOVE this picture. Mosley, because i made it. It's me. I think this picture really shows true compassion in art. The colors fill the page like a waterfall brightning up the black winters.